Is Life Coaching a Real Career?

Life coaching is a difficult profession to sell as a business. It is not a traditional business, but rather a "life specialist" who helps individuals or groups develop all areas of their personal and professional life. Those who pursue life coaching come from a variety of backgrounds. They may be executives looking for a career change, housewives seeking a satisfying part-time job, or psychologists who want to use their training skills in practice.

Life coaching is a legitimate profession that can be highly profitable and rewarding. It is an honor and privilege to be part of someone's journey and help them become the best version of themselves. A life coach is a professional hired to help people achieve their goals, professional or otherwise. They use different techniques to help customers reflect, achieve their goals and reach their full potential. There is some overlap between the jobs of a professional or life coach and a therapist, but they are not the same thing. When setting up your life coaching business, you'll first need to determine the type of entity your business is: a sole proprietorship, LLC, or corporation are popular choices.

Becoming a certified life coach can be an intensive process and you'll likely need to complete a certain number of training hours before you can earn your certification. You can use free marketing ideas to help spread the word about your life coaching business, but you can also go for some paid ads, especially when you're just starting out and looking to increase your client list. Depending on your area of focus, the amount of continuing education will vary, but all life coaches should keep up to date with their reading and attend seminars, workshops, and retreats that talk about their experience. Not everyone can figure out how to make it work and not everyone really wants to be a life coach when they realize what it takes. Even more, people move to life coaching opportunities when they have established a job as a therapist or psychologist. But it is advised not to quit their jobs or other businesses to become life coaches. Just as physicians must continue their education to maintain competence and learn about new practices, life coaches should look for skill-building opportunities to ensure they stay at the peak of their powers and provide the best possible service to their clients.

Nowadays, you have all the internet to find the best coach for your needs, able to buy coaches and analyze their programs before committing to just one.

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