Is Life Coaching a Pyramid Scheme? - An Expert's Perspective

The difficult part of life coaching as a business is getting clients. However, marketing is a skill that can be learned with enough time and effort. It's not a pyramid scheme and you can build a sustainable business without having to train other coaches.

Life coaching

is not a pyramid scheme. There's no “head coach” at the top sending assignments to those below them.

In this case, life coaching is not a pyramid scheme. The Life Coach School's belief system is designed to help clients instill new beliefs quickly, helping them achieve success. It's where you learn how to build a life coaching business or practice and train others to be effective coaches. She also tells people that she earns a living as a life coach, but in reality she works a 9-5 job that she hates. As I pointed out in my post Do Life Coaches Need ICF Accreditation?, at least they are trying to advance the profession of coaching.

I just wanted to return to my own experience with a life coaching venture; I don't share your opinion that this is a pyramid scheme in this case, since the focus wasn't on recruiting other potential coaches. Working with an ineffective coach and being dissatisfied is unpleasant, but it doesn't make all training fraudulent. She went down a Google rabbit hole about working for herself and that's how she discovered life coaching. The Relationship Manual is a step-by-step plan for developing new relationships according to Life Coach School. Given that 99.9% of the public is unaware of the ICF, I would tell you that these are actually unqualified coaches and scam courses that give the whole field a bad name and make it more difficult for trained coaches to overcome the public perception of life coaching as an MLM scheme. But the rapid growth of Castillo and Life Coach School also raises questions about an unregulated industry at a time when demand for mental health services is outpacing supply.

As employees left their jobs en masse, seeking better working conditions and more satisfying careers, LCS trained a record number of aspiring life coaches. Brooke Castillo emerged as a visionary who envisioned a place for life coaches to share their experience and learn from each other. Yes, for decent life coaches who care about helping people and not just earning six figures a year. In the peer coaching session I was the client and my coach put too much pressure during the meeting on a particular topic and I ended up crying. The Life Coach School deals with the idea that anyone who works hard can build a thriving career as a life coach.

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