Can Life Coaches Make Money?

Life coaching is a rapidly growing field with many opportunities. But what is the difference between a life coach, a business coach, and an executive coach? Sherpa's definition of an executive coach is someone who coaches executives on behavioral issues, which essentially means that an executive coach is a life coach for executives. If you're looking to make money as a coach, one of the most lucrative ways to do so is to start your own coach training school. You can train and certify people to become coaches in life coaching or any other specialization.

Our program on how to start your own coach training school can help you get started. I have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars with just one of my group career counseling programs. So keep spreading this message because it will work for those who want to make money through training. I can see the potential of being a serious businessperson with years of work experience training another person or a dietitian helping people transform their eating habits, but this industry requires a lot of money from someone with no background in psychology.

Selling essential oils to your best friend doesn't necessarily translate into selling your training packs to a stranger online. You probably know at least one person who has proclaimed themselves a life coach and then received no response. The quickest and most effective way to reach more clients and generate passive income is to take your coaching services online. I'm currently thinking that I should focus on hiring coaches first and then, after seeing them work, I can decide if it's really for me and benefit from the connections made.

There is no fixed price you should charge for your life coaching services since there are many factors that affect your rates. People seeking training may also have depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and other mental and physical challenges. JRNI found that coaches typically spend 40% of their time marketing versus 20% of their time on billable training sessions. But what makes those coaches successful is that they've chosen a very specific niche and haven't been afraid to build a brand around a very specific problem. If you want coaching to work like a business, you need to incorporate all your other knowledge, experience, and skills, and use SEO to drive your business forward.

And I understand why life coaches think it should be easy to build their new coaching business.

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