How Much Should You Charge for Coaching Services?

Many coaches base their fees on an hourly rate. You can find beginner coaches who may not charge anything during their certification period, and more experienced coaches who may charge hundreds of dollars per hour. Generally, life coaches charge similar rates to other helping professionals, such as therapists, physical therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists. However, there is more variability in the life coaching industry due to its lack of regulation.

For instance, you cannot charge corporate clients for leadership coaching or business development in the same way you would for relationship coaching. More experienced coaches are likely to charge more than those who are just starting out and looking for their first clients. One of the challenges coaches face is pricing their services, and many of them tend to undervalue their training skills. To help you decide how much to charge for your online training, here are some factors to consider: Your client's results - Life coaches who work with CEOs are likely to charge more than those who work with the average person.

The difficulty of what you're training your clients - The complexity of the training will affect the price you can charge. The experience you can provide - Business life coaches, executive life coaches, and academic life coaches tend to charge more than a generalist life coach. Keith Webb, a renowned coach and business leader in the United States, recommends taking into account these three factors when setting your fees. Most coaches will charge fares within or above the industry standard to avoid being considered a bargain bus in the basement.

The lack of regulation in the coaching industry has led to a wide range of prices for services.

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