Structuring a Life Coaching Session for Maximum Impact

As a life coach, it's important to ensure that each session is goal-oriented and productive. To do this, it's essential to have a structure in place that allows you to build rapport, rethink challenges, guide clients through relevant strategies, and develop an action plan. The Lead Up is the first step in the process. This is the time to establish a connection and relationship with your client, and get an understanding of their mental state.

It's also a chance for your client to be present and bring focus and clarity to the session. Before each session, it's helpful to call or email your client for a quick summary of the areas around which the session should revolve. However, it's important not to follow training models too closely, as they can become restrictive rather than enabling. To be a great coach, you need to be able to switch between coaching and customer service roles.

You can also ask your client to focus on a few breaths to stay focused and show up for the training session. The key is to remember that you are not an interviewer but a coach who is equipped with a team to help your client achieve transformation. Training sessions are designed to provide feedback and guidance to help people make changes in their lives. The structure of the session should provide a “hanger” on which to hang your training work.

This doesn't take away from the uniqueness of the session, but rather helps you stay focused on the goal. After establishing a good relationship with a client, the first thing you need to do in a coaching session is to hold them accountable. I recommend having one or two individual coaching calls per client each month, depending on your offer. It's also important not to pressure clients into taking on debt they can't handle. Your job as a life coach is to see how quickly you can get someone to take a different action in their life. Ultimately, this will help them make powerful training calls that they love.

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